Venado Shanti

Music with roots in earth and sky


Music with roots in earth and sky

that seeks to flower in hearts and minds.

The original musical style of Venado Shanti blends reflective, upbeat lyrics with spirited melodies and vibrant guitar flourishes.

Songs that journey to an inner destination

guided by whispers of a world in transformation.

"His interpretative virtuosity and her exact voice offer an original, sensitive, daring, committed and intelligent acoustic unmistakable style which is a must-have for musicians, music-lovers and investigators."

(F. Fernando Ruíz-Torres: music critic and investigator)

Venado & Shanti have presented concerts and workshops in festivals, events, and retreats around Mexico, including: Cumbre Tajin, Xicome Music Festival, Yoga Art Festival, Tlalli Yolotl, Expo Yoga, and Expo Ser. In Canada, they have participated in Global Village Festival, Night it Up Markham, Markham Village Music Festival, and the Stiver Mill Farmer's Market.

Their music was featured in the 2012 movie ¨Yo Lo Creo¨(¨I Believe It¨) by Mexican director and social observer Santiago Pando.

Venado Luz: lead guitar, flutes, tank drum,  composition, arrangement.

Shanti Mar: voice, guitar, tritar, didgeridoo, composition, arrangement.